Challengers of the Arena

Arena Battle 2 - Meet your enemy

Kara ap Morgandotho is one of the strongest women alive. Though she was born in a small village in the north, she has always shown extreme talents for the arts of fighting. In a fight, she favors her claymore “Griever”, but she has other smaller weapons at her disposal. Kara doesn’t usually wear heavy armor, but once she gets close to you, expect a series of devastating strikes, as she is both precise and powerful.

Finnegan of Tabashi is a warrior trained by a military group known as “the sons of the Leviathan”. He has participated in several battles in the southern wars, and he excels at defensive combat. Finnegan might not hit as hard as Kara, but bringing him down in melee combat will not be easy. He usually fights wearing lorica segmentata armor, aspis and a gladius.

Finally, Livio is rumored to be a sorcerer who made a deal with dark powers. It is said that this unholy alliance has made his body weak and frail, but in return he has access to an unlimited amount of mana. An expert at all forms of magic, Livio can prove to be extremely dangerous at a distance. He is particularly fond of fire and shadow attacks.

Good luck, challengers!



Akrotos Akrotos

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