Challengers of the Arena

Arena Battle 3 - The Candidates

The following people are the ones that qualified for the Arena Battle 3 tickets. Bear in mind that as of today, more people than these have reached the required 6,500 points. However, the list of candidates is made up exclusively of the people who reached the requisite on the same day. Also note that in contrast to the previous two arenas, there will be a single team, drafted from both groups to fight in this one. Champions will be chosen randomly from these lists to see who will be going to the battle. Naturally, people who have competed in previous arenas are not included in this list. Here are the candidates.

XP Candidates


Essence Candidates


Gold Candidates

None yet. However, turning in projects from the “menu” I posted on the classroom walls should change this. I will be grading these projects in the order in which they are turned in. This will help me determine who reaches 6,500 gold first in order to compile the list of candidates. Good luck!


Akrotos Akrotos

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