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Arena Battle 3 - Meet your enemy

Only a handful of people have ever gone up against a dragon and lived to tell the tale. Those that have say that fighting one of these ancient beings feels like battling a living storm or trying to punch your way through a mountain.

Dragons have lived in the deepest parts of the world since before the first humans saw the light of the sun. Though they often choose to live away from the noise of civilization, it would be foolish to say that dragons have been “driven away” by humanity. In the mind of each dragon is the knowledge that they – and they alone – are the masters of the world and everything in it. To them, humans are little more than a pest that infests the corners of their house.

Countless legends have been written about dragons, and their feats have been immortalized in so many songs that it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction. A few things, however, seem to be undoubtedly true:

First is their sheer size. Dragons stand larger than a house, with teeth as long as a man’s hand and talons as long as a forearm. The massive muscle system needed for them to move around added to their sheer weight means that each of their movements carries enormous power behind it. Getting hit by a dragon is devastating to say the least.

In addition to their size, dragons are also notoriously tough. They can take a massive beating and while it is not impossible to hurt them, it is quite hard to kill them. As their first and primary line of defense is a body completely covered in scales. These scales are as tough as steel, so even though it might be easy to hit a dragon, it isn’t as easy to actually do any damage to it. This defensive capability is slightly weaker around the dragon’s tail and hindquarters since the scales are smaller and thinner to allow for greater flexibility. Some brave souls also say that the scales are slightly weaker in the front part of the neck and torso, but reaching those would mean standing directly in front of the dragon (and thus being the primary target of his claws, bite, and flame), so not many are willing to put this theory to the test. As if this weren’t enough, dragons are said to be beings created by ancient magic. This means that the vast majority of human spells have little or no effect on them. What this means is that in spite of their impressive physical defenses, killing a dragon requires mere humans to exceed these defenses or to be able to cast spells of such power that they can bypass the dragon’s resistances; that’s what makes dragon hunters the stuff of legend.


In the offensive department, dragons attack by biting and clawing at enemies in front of them. As mentioned earlier, the power behind these attacks is devastating. So much that only the toughest armors have a chance of stopping the blows. In addition to this, a dragon can also use its tail to sweep and smash enemies that try to surround it. All of this is without even mentioning the dragon’s most terrifying weapon: it’s flame breath. A dragon can and often will breathe out a thick combination of fire, molten rock, and black smoke in a wide cone in front of him that stretches out several meters ahead. Anyone caught in such an area is sure to suffer severe burns even if they survive the experience. The only upsides to this is that their flame breath cannot be used constantly and that while it is being used the dragon cannot use any of its other attacks.

As a final note, it would be worthwhile to say that a dragon’s wings allow it to glide over long distances, but not to fly with any degree of control over short distances. This means that once a dragon lands for a fight, it will not take off and reposition during a fight.

Best of luck, slayers!


Akrotos Akrotos

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