Challengers of the Arena

Arena Battle 1 - Meet your enemy


Trolls are horrid carnivores found in a variety of climates, but which prefer cold, humid swamplands as their hunting grounds. Most creatures avoid these beasts, as trolls known no fear and they attack brutally and unceasingly when they are hungry. Standing at nearly 3 meters tall, a trolls skin is leathery green-grey and covered in warts, but sprouting coarse bristles of hair here and there. They have sunken eyes that are often iron gray in color and can see in all but the deepest darkness.

Even though they might not look like it, trolls are rather agile and fast, especially when they are on a feeding frenzy. Trolls are incredibly strong, and they have powerful arms that end in large hands tipped with sharp nails. While some trolls have been known to use weapons, most prefer to use their claws to tear into their enemy’s flesh, ripping skin and muscle with equal ease. It is not unusual for a troll to take a bite out of an opponent during the heat of battle.

As if this were not enough, a troll’s most fearsome defense is its regeneration. A troll’s body has the capacity to heal at an alarming rate. Anyone fighting a troll can see that even the most vicious wounds dealt to it will bubble, blister, and close in a matter of seconds. There have been reports of individual trolls being vulnerable to specific types of damage, and as such it is advisable to try different forms of attack and pay close attention to see if the troll is unable to heal from any of these.

If trolls have a weakness it’s their low intelligence and ravenous appetite. How exactly that can be used against them in an arena battle is another matter entirely. Good luck, challengers!



Akrotos Akrotos

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